Mario Tory Party: Peach gets an 8-10 die, the rest of you plebs get 1-3
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Space Ark Pilot

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PostSubject: Re: Pokédix   Sat 4 Feb 2017 - 23:15

The unholy union of a Pachirisu and a Zubat, Emolgas are actually most closely related to flying frogs. Their mouths are always open in a grin - scientists used to assume that this was to attract a human partner, but it is simply so that they never miss a chance to catch and eat flies.

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PostSubject: Re: Pokédix   Sun 5 Feb 2017 - 10:51

Rhydon uses the drill on its head to pierce citrus fruits for smoothies and juices. Unfortunately, despite all this effort it goes and eats whole wheels of cheese at the weekends.
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PostSubject: Re: Pokédix   Sun 5 Feb 2017 - 19:34

Sad about no Gurren Lagann reference. Sad

Illumise believes she is a famous composer, so she wears her hair stupid and demands to be referred to as 'Ludwig van Beetlehoven'.

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PostSubject: Re: Pokédix   

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