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The Cappuccino Kid
Dry Metal Baby Princess

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PostSubject: Re: Football   Mon 8 May 2017 - 21:06

ZeroJones wrote:
Happy to see my team survive relegation on the final day of the Championship season! Dance We live to fight another relegation battle next year. Rolling Eyes Please let there be some stability with the management team next year... please... Aww!

Same goes for Clyde - survived the threat of a relegation play-off into the Scottish Lowland League with East Kilbride after drawing away at Montrose. Given the size of the club, the set-up and the support from the board, that should never have happened - just like with Forest.

What a shite season that was though. I've been worried about what would happen at the end of it since the end of last year. That fuck that's finished.

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Space Ark Pilot

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PostSubject: Re: Football   Mon 8 May 2017 - 21:22

I'm enjoying Tottenham's newfound status as "alright"
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Raging Pedant

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PostSubject: Re: Football   Sun 11 Jun 2017 - 10:33


I know we have pretty much a 50/50 split of fans on either side of Hadrian's Wall, so I apologise this is from an English perspective.

Wales vs. England, 2016. Does this look familiar at all? You saw it twice in as many minutes on Saturday, leading to me interrupt a whiny reply to the Jaster with a string of additional confused tweets.
What good is a wall with a free kick 30 yards out? It's possible to bend the ball round the wall and into any area of the goal from that distance. All the wall is doing there is blocking out the initial trajectory of the ball, so the goalkeeper sees it late. So what do we do a year later? A wider wall.

Wall ball wall ball wall ball wall ball wall ball wall ball wall ball wall ball
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PostSubject: Re: Football   Sun 11 Jun 2017 - 14:40

I can definitely understand the frustration in the ways you's lost the goals but overall the result has not really changed your position in the group.

Also I think it did make sense having a wall it's just none of them jumped or tried to charge down the free kick, maybe the England players didn't expect it? I know I didn't as for Celtic Griffiths usually missed more FK's than he scores & I was honestly wanting Armstrong to hit the first one.
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PostSubject: Re: Football   

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